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Unlocking Advanced Photopolymers for Innovators and Industry Leaders



For Every Role - At Every Level

3D printing consistently presents novel challenges, and in response, our Development Centre has fostered a collaborative space where distinct roles within the industry converge to navigate these challenges efficiently.

Whether you’re a decision-maker, engineer, material manufacturer, machine maker, or end-user, we understand your unique needs and challenges. Our services are precisely designed to empower each participant with the knowledge, skills, and support required to excel in their respective areas, facilitating a smoother and more productive journey through the intricacies of 3D printing.

Optimizing End-User Experience in 3D Printing

Unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing with tailored technical support designed for end-users, enhancing your 3D printing experience and outcome.

3d printed part in a LCD printer

Empowering Machine Manufacturers

Harness cutting-edge insights and support to develop and refine 3D printing machines that meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

3d printed parts on platform

Navigating Material Innovation

Delivering comprehensive support for material manufacturers through technical material evaluations and hands-on assistance for your clients, ensuring successful application and integration of innovative 3D printing materials

bottle with grey photopolymer resin, resin is poured into vat


Turning Your 3D Printing Challenges Into Opportunities

Why not start with small application studies that ease your entry into 3D printing?

With our guidance and extensive network, you can expand as needed, receiving expert support tailored to your unique needs at every step.

two people from behind looking at a pc screen with a CAD drawing
  • Demonstrating feasibility of your ideas with a Proof of Concept

  • Conducting feasibility studies to evaluate technical and economic aspects of your projects

  • Ensuring your projects are competitive through benchmarking and direct comparisons

Project Evaluation & Development

Dive deeper with comprehensive Application Studies and precise Material Qualification & Parameter Development.

  • Seamless entry with Application Studies.

  • Optimal performance with qualified materials.

  • Efficient and reliable Parameter Development.

Application Development & Support

3d printed tools spread out on surface


Empowering Your 3D Printers, Enhancing Their Impact

Unlock the full potential of your 3D printers with our dedicated services tailored for machine manufacturers, ensuring you stay ahead in the highly competitive 3D printing market.

3d printed tensile bars on a dlp build platform

Craft meaningful applications with our support, turning your 3D printers’ capability into tangible solutions for end-users.

  • Material Qualification

  • Parameter Development

  • Machine Tuning

Applications Development

Beyond development, we provide a range of support services to ensure your 3D printers meet the exact needs of the market efficiently.

  • Benchmarking

  • Application Studies

  • Key Account Support

Comprehensive Support

person in protective clothing shows 2 3d printed grey parts to camera


Where Material Innovation Meets Market Demand

In the fast-paced 3D printing industry, Material Manufacturers encounter distinct challenges, with each innovation demanding a deep understanding and quick adaptation to ensure each product hits the market successfully and is ready for end-user application.


Insights in Action

Unlock the Full Technical Potential of 3D Printing with the DREIGEIST Development Centre – Reach Out Today!


Dive into our Case Studies to see how we've delivered customized solutions, helping clients across diverse sectors harness and optimize the power of additive manufacturing with efficiency and precision.

dlp 3d printer with pink resin in vat
  • System Qualification

  • Parameter Development

  • Key Account Support

  • Technical Material Evaluations (TME)

We provide a platform for material manufacturers to collaborate and exchange knowledge with peers and customers, ensuring your materials are optimized and integrated successfully in diverse applications.

Collaborative Development & Support for Photopolymers

  • BETA Testing

  • Application Development for Your Customers


Engage in hands-on BETA testing and offer tailored application development for your customers, guaranteeing that your innovative materials are not only market-ready but also user-friendly and effective in real-world applications.

Practical Testing & Application Development

the DREIGEIST benchmark in green on a hand
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