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Expert Consulting for a Future-Ready Manufacturing Strategy


Tailored Advice for Your AM Journey

Navigating the additive manufacturing landscape demands deep insight and expertise, and our consulting services are designed to offer just that.

Whether you're an end customer, material manufacturer, or a 3D printing company, we are your adept partners. We provide technology-driven and value-based consulting, ensuring your unique goals are met sustainably and responsibly.

Together, let's integrate additive manufacturing efficiently and innovatively.


Unlock the full potential of your 3D printing investments with Technology-Driven Consulting.

We guide you through critical decisions on technology selection and material transitions, turning challenges into opportunities. Leveraging our extensive network and deep industry knowledge, we offer tailored support for both existing and newly acquired systems, ensuring your team is equipped and confident to optimize every operation.

person operating a stereolithography 3d printer


Align your additive manufacturing initiatives with your company’s strategic and value-creation goals.

Leveraging insights from over a thousand projects, we help you evaluate and optimize the potential value of additive manufacturing for your business.

We focus on enhancing your competitive edge and developing tailored implementation concepts to ensure your company is future-proofed in the evolving market. 

group of people at a table looking at 2 screens taking a training


Independent Insight for Informed Technology Choices

You may not have realized you needed us yet, but we've spent years in the 3D printing industry, listening closely to our clients and observing the shifts within the sector. For many, navigating through the multitude of technologies feels like an intricate maze, a situation that not only slows down individual ventures but also hinders the progress of the industry as a whole. Our role? To clear the fog, providing you with unbiased advice, illuminating the path towards successful additive manufacturing endeavors.

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Navigating 3D Printing Complexity?

Let us guide you with clarity and precision through the maze of options available.

  • Unbiased Selection: Receive impartial, knowledgeable assistance in selecting not only the most fitting technology but also the ideal manufacturer and material for your specific application. We pride ourselves on an unbiased approach, focusing solely on your unique requirements and challenges.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Utilizing our proprietary Solution Landscape, we provide finely tuned recommendations. This tool allows us to cut through the noise and sales pitches inundating the industry, zeroing in on solutions that genuinely address and resolve your additive manufacturing needs and challenges.

  • Expert Advice & Rich Network: With a foundation of extensive expertise, we offer invaluable advice and insights. Beyond our knowledge, our vast network and deep industry connections become a significant asset for you, opening doors to optimal solutions, partnerships, and opportunities in the additive manufacturing sphere.


Managing open 3D printing systems is a specialized endeavor. Whether your technology is cutting-edge or aging gracefully, we’re here to ensure you extract maximum value from your investment.

  • Dedicated Support: Assistance for open systems, even if manufacturer support has lapsed.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Training sessions for your team, ensuring you can leverage the full potential of your equipment confidently and efficiently.

  • Material Consultation: Expert guidance if you’re considering transitioning to new materials but need clarity on options and suitability.


2 technicians working on a 3d printer for stereolithography


Bridging Vision and Execution

Amidst the evolving landscape of 3D printing, many businesses either feel overwhelmed or have faced setbacks due to premature, unplanned entries into the additive manufacturing space. Whether you're cautiously exploring, rebounding from a hurried approach, or seeking to optimize your current operations, our strategy modules offer bespoke solutions. These are not just tailored for those navigating initial uncertainties but also for seasoned businesses aiming to refine their additive manufacturing strategies, ensuring that each step taken is calculated, efficient, and truly beneficial for your unique operational context.

two engineers working together

Tailored Modules for Decision-Makers

Embark on your additive manufacturing journey with a clear vision and strategy:

  • Module I: Exploratory Workshop

    • Start not with technology but by identifying the tangible benefits and advantages your company aims to achieve through 3D printing.

  • Module II: Site Analysis

    • With clear objectives, engage stakeholders, evaluate risks and opportunities, and define the role of additive manufacturing in your company's landscape.

  • Module III: Requirement Study

    • Conduct in-depth analysis of processes, product portfolios, and potentials, paving the way for the selection of appropriate technologies.

  • Module IV: Proof-of-Concept

    • Collaboratively develop a comprehensive AM concept and initiate a pilot project, turning insights and analysis into actionable plans.



Practical Insights for Shop Floor Teams

Dive into the practical aspects of 3D printing, learning how to seamlessly integrate additive manufacturing into your daily operations, workflows, and quality management systems:

  • Orientation & Training

    • Equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize and maintain additive manufacturing systems.

  • Operational Support

    • Receive ongoing support to address challenges, optimize processes, and ensure the smooth operation of your AM technologies.

  • Quality Management Integration

    • Incorporate AM into your existing quality management systems. This includes crafting detailed work instructions, implementing quality assurance measures, and developing internal standards to ensure consistency and compliance.

  • Technology Transition Assistance

    • Navigate through the transition to new materials or technologies with expert guidance and support, ensuring continuity and efficiency in production.


These modules provide a thorough grounding, support, and guidance for teams at the operational level to successfully integrate and maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing in their respective roles.

woman standing in a shop floor

Contact us for tailored assistance and insights to effectively utilize and optimize your 3D printing technologies.

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