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Empower Your Workforce with a People-Centric Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Hands-On AM Integration

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We don't just deliver training—we facilitate an ecosystem of continuous learning and improvement.

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At the heart of our hands-on integration approach lies our commitment to not just transform production lines, but to empower the people behind them. We recognize that the future of manufacturing is not solely about technology—it's equally about the talent that leverages this technology for innovative solutions.

Our proprietary AM-Canvas is more than a tool; it's a manifesto for people-centric production, ensuring every member of your team is equipped, engaged, and inspired to drive your 3d-printing operations forward. With a foundation in real-world application, our mission is to facilitate a transformation that places equal value on technology and human potential.

Our services at a glance

Discover how our unique AM-Canvas and tailored training programs empower your team to effectively and sustainably integrate additive manufacturing technologies into your business processes.

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Target Group:

  • Teams and individuals across all levels of your organization – from shop floor operators to management.

  • New hires and veteran employees looking to upskill in additive manufacturing.

Our Approach:

  • Conduct AM-Canvas workshops designed to facilitate hands-on learning and foster a deep understanding of 3D printing technologies.

  • Provide comprehensive training on various AM processes, such as DLP and SLA, tailored to your company's specific needs.

Your Benefits:

  • Ensure a democratized knowledge base across your organization, avoiding dependency on single individuals for AM expertise.

  • Accelerate the learning curve with practical, hands-on training sessions that lead to improved operational efficiency.

  • Build a sustainable and evolving AM skill set within your team, enabling them to adapt and thrive amidst technological advancements.

Orientation & Training:

Harnessing Collective Knowledge

Target group:

  • Operational teams responsible for the day-to-day management of 3D printing technologies.

  • Quality assurance and production management who want to optimise their AM processes.

Our approach:

  • We support you in troubleshooting, process optimisation and getting the most out of your 3D printers.

  • Using our AM canvas concept, we create customer-specific solutions based on your company's workflows, organisational structure and goals.

Your benefit:

  • You ensure smoother, more efficient operations, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

  • You gain access to our AM expertise, allowing you to rely on professional and timely solutions to operational challenges.

  • You improve the reliability and consistency of AM products, resulting in increased product quality and customer satisfaction.

Operational Excellence:
Improving Performance with Expert Support

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Target Group:

  • Quality Managers seeking ISO standard integration.

  • Production Teams requiring stringent quality controls.

  • Companies in regulated sectors like medical devices needing ISO 13485 adherence.

What We Do:

  • We assess your current QM systems and advise on integrating 3D printing processes effectively.

  • We assist in creating specific work instructions tailored to additive manufacturing.

  • We guide the establishment of a norm-compliant AM process chain, ensuring standards are met.

  • We highlight the practical benefits of a robust QM system within additive manufacturing.

  • We provide support in preparing for audits to ensure your AM processes meet all requirements.

  • We implement digital tools to enforce precise, standardized workflows within your operations.

  • We apply comprehensive quality assurance measures throughout the entire AM lifecycle to safeguard your production.


Your Benefits:

  • You ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, enhancing market trust and product acceptance.

  • You achieve operational excellence with our digital workflow solutions, minimizing errors and maximizing production efficiency.

  • You maintain product quality and consistency, benefiting from full traceability for accountability and quality assurance.

Quality Management Integration:

Compliance in AM Operations

Target Audience:

  • Decision-makers planning to upgrade or change additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Teams transitioning to advanced materials or novel 3D-printing processes.

  • Organizations aiming to innovate and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.


What We Do:

  • Provide expert guidance for a smooth transition to new additive manufacturing materials or technologies.

  • Offer strategic planning to minimize downtime and ensure continuity in production.

  • Support staff training for seamless adoption of new 3D-printing systems.


Your Benefits:

  • Maintain agile and competitive production with the latest advancements in 3D printing.

  • Mitigate risks when adopting new additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Promote a continuous learning and innovation culture within your workforce.

Technology Transition Assistance:

Navigating New 3D-Printing Horizons

shop floor with robotics and 3d-printer

Take advantage of a no-obligation consultation to enhance your team's expertise in additive manufacturing. Learn more about our training options that cater to your specific needs, available both in-house and at our Application Center.

Expand Your AM Capabilities

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