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Specialised ISO 9001:2015 certified 3D printing services for your series applications, rapid tooling, micro 3D printing and cleanroom production

Expertly Navigating the Complex Landscape of High-Performance Polymers

Leveraging Precision for Application-Centric 3D Printing

Navigating through the nuanced domain of additive manufacturing demands a partner with deep technical knowledge and precision.

At DREIGEIST, we're more than a service provider; we're your ally in realizing the potential of 3D printing. Our proficiency lies in stereolithography (SLA, DLP, and Micro-SLA), working with a broad spectrum of high-performance polymers tailored for diverse applications.

With an open approach to all manufacturers, we choose materials meticulously based on your specific needs, ensuring each project not only meets but surpasses industry standards.

It's not just about printing parts; it’s about finding a partner who understands your unique needs and can unlock the true value of additive manufacturing for your projects.


  • Advanced Printing Technologies

    • Stereolithography (SLA)

    • Micro-Stereolithography (PµSL)

    • Digital Light Processing (DLP)

  • Clean Room Environment

    • DLP and Micro-SLA printing available within an ISO Class 6 to 8 clean room environment for the highest precision and control requirements.

seated person from behind in protective clothing in a clean room working with a 3d printer


High-Performance Photopolymer Resins

  • Beyond Fabrication: Our 3D printing capabilities encompass:

    • Rapid Prototyping

    • Mass Production

    • Tooling

    • Micro 3D Printing

  • Customized Solutions: Catering to diverse industry requirements with a commitment to precision and quality.

  • Experience Innovation: Advanced application of photopolymer technologies for those seeking more than standard 3D printing.

2 sides of a 3d printed injection moulding insert in orange


Understanding SLA, Micro-SLA & DLP

We are specialised in the processing of photopolymer resins for additive manufacturing with special demands on the performance of the parts.

We use industrial equipment for projector and laser-based stereolithography (SLA, DLP, Micro-SLA) in the 355, 385 and 405nm wavelength range.

Our production-quality 3D printing solutions create real added value for your project: end applications can also be mass-produced. Completely new possibilities open up for tool and mould making. Prototypes are close to series production.

a 3d printed injection moulding insert held in one hand

SLA, or Stereolithography, is renowned for delivering products with high accuracy and superior surface finish. This process is ideal for creating intricate prototypes, functional components, and end-use parts, offering reliable performance from concept to production.

SLA is often the go-to choice for projects requiring fine detail and dimensional stability in various applications, including tooling and investment casting models.



Digital Light Processing (DLP) is known for its ability to handle a diverse range of materials while maintaining high standards of production quality. The process is prized for its versatility, enabling the creation of complex, custom one-offs to small series in specific colors, with options for material modifications and development.

DLP is particularly effective for applications requiring biocompatible materials and validated processes, making it a reliable choice for projects in medical technology and various other industries.

a geometry hangs on the platform in a dlp 3d printer
THREE-WAY benchmark: 3d printed geometry with different wall thicknesses, overhangs, holes

Micro 3D printing offers unparalleled precision for producing small, complex parts, meeting the demands of industries like microelectronics, microfluidics, and medical devices.

It’s the optimal choice for applications requiring ultra-high resolution and accuracy, whether for prototypes or final products.


For a no-obligation quote, please upload your data in a suitable exchange format—preferably Step 203/Step 214 (.step/.stp) or Parasolid (.x_t).

Also, let us know your specific requirements for the component.


Don't forget to include your phone number, so we can promptly address any questions or clarifications we might need.


Securely upload your data with TeamBeam, ensuring maximum protection and compliance during transfer and storage. We prioritize your data's security, providing a safe alternative to USB sticks and various platforms. TeamBeam offers encrypted transfers, stored compliantly on German servers, with optional password protection for each transfer.

Applications in additive manufacturing with photopolymers

A Real Innovation Driver

Rapid Prototyping

Functional prototypes

High-quality and near-series prototypes give you the certainty you need for your further project development.

Three round 3D-printed housings, one with a high-gloss finish
3D-printed injection moulding insert, installed in a master mould

Rapid Tooling

Tool and mold making

New engineering plastics allow the production of mold inserts for use in plastic injection molding and silicone molding.

Rapid Manufacturing

Serial quality manufacturing

The high-performance plastics we utilize open up entirely new possibilities: Parts can be directly integrated into the final product with complete functionality.

Many small identical components on a build platform of a DLP 3D printer
person in protective clothing in a clean room, 3D printer in the background

Clean Room

Rapid Cleanroom Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing for demanding applications under strictly controlled and customised process conditions in a clean room in accordance with ISO standards.

At DREIGEIST, you work closely with your personal contact.

We will work out your requirements and select the appropriate material and process.

Before we start to manufacture your parts, we assess the data provided for printability and provide feedback on any necessary changes to the design in order to achieve the best possible result.

Achieve your goals with our one-on-one service!

several blue 3d printed components for medical technology, a hand with a blue glove lifts one up

Discover how we've helped businesses like yours navigate and succeed in the additive manufacturing landscape.

Dive into our collection of use cases to see real-world applications, solutions implemented, and the value delivered through our specialized services.


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