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Seamlessly integrating Additive Manufacturing into your operations for maximum ROI.

Strategic AM Integration

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Transforming your additive manufacturing into a sustainable model for success through customised consulting with focus on people and your company.

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​We firmly believe in the transformative potential of 3D printing within the realm of manufacturing.

Amidst growing complexity, our goal is to guide companies in harnessing this technology effectively, drawing from our profound expertise and experience.


We start with exploratory workshops using our flexible, modular approach. Then, through comprehensive analyses, we collaboratively design a personalized concept with you, aiming to integrate and optimize additive manufacturing in your company.

What does it take for a successful implementation of additive manufacturing?

A successful implementation of additive manufacturing typically involves three phases: concept, pilot, and scaling.

To ensure success and scaling in additive manufacturing, a well-thought-out strategy is essential, prioritizing both technological aspects and the value generated for employees and the company itself.

With our modular approach, you will be able to experience 3D printing step-by-step and realise its full potential for your company.

Each module is a self-contained unit that takes you closer to an efficient 3D printing centre in your business.

We support you with expertise at every stage and offer flexibility so that your needs are always at the forefront.

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The modules at a glance

Value-Driven Approach: Prioritizing Employee and Company Benefits from the Start.

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MODUL I - Exploratory Workshop


Entrepreneurs & executives aiming for strategic foresight.

Workshop Highlights

  • A moment to step back from the daily grind and look ahead.

  • Crafting a clear, well-founded vision for 3D printing in your company.

  • Addressing both technical aspects and your specific business objectives.

  • Tackling core questions: Why 3D printing? What problems can it solve for your enterprise? What does successful implementation look like?

  • Concluding with a viable and sustainable strategy for 3D printing's integration or expansion.

MODUL II - Site Analysis


Businesses seeking a grounded understanding of their needs before diving deep into 3D printing.

Analysis Highlights

  • A reality check: Ensuring investments in 3D printing align with your company's genuine needs and requirements.

  • Post-Exploratory Workshop, a deep dive into your company's readiness to execute the developed vision.

  • Thorough assessments of your infrastructure, spatial requirements, and training needs.

  • Evaluation of the acceptance level of 3D printing within your organization and the preparedness of your personnel for this transformation.

  • Ensuring your company is optimally positioned for the introduction or expansion of 3D printing, paving the way to unleash its full potential.

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MODUL III - Requirement Study


Companies aiming for an informed and tailored approach to integrating additive manufacturing beyond just technology selection.

Study Highlights

  • A comprehensive insight into how your organizational structures might need adaptation for effective 3D printing integration.

  • Detailed analysis of the technical requirements, ensuring you choose the right devices and technologies that match your specific needs.

  • Assessments of your employees' training needs, potential structural adjustments, and strategies to enhance internal communication.

  • Customized solutions taking into account your specific requirements and budget, maximizing the benefit to your business.

  • Equip you with the necessary knowledge for informed decisions, ensuring successful integration of additive manufacturing in your operations.

  • After sharpening your vision and a detailed site analysis, this module guides you in selecting the right technologies and devices, making decisions based on solid knowledge and thorough analysis.

MODUL IV - Proof of Concept


Businesses ready to transition from strategy to action, bringing their AM (Additive Manufacturing) visions to fruition in a real-world context.

Process Highlights

  • Turn previously developed plans into tangible actions, examining their effectiveness within your business environment.

  • Utilize the PoC as a testing ground to bring your unique AM strategy to life.

  • Tailored implementation focusing on specific needs, whether it be a narrowed scope, a particular department, distinct product, or a unique application.

  • Collaboratively refine the strategy throughout, making adjustments to ensure it's optimally suited to your business.

  • Adopt a 'trial and learn' approach, allowing for flexible optimization of the strategy in real-time.

  • An essential precursor to the Scaling Package, this phase guarantees that your AM strategy thrives not just on paper, but in practical application.

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MODUL V - Scaling


Businesses looking to amplify their AM (Additive Manufacturing) operations for a competitive edge.

Process Highlights

  • Embark on the phase of maximization and optimization; intensifying and scaling your 3D printing operations to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Expansion of your 3D Printing Competency Center, whether through the addition of machinery, recruiting more staff, or enhancing your team's knowledge and capabilities.

  • Prioritize workflow optimization and staff training to fully harness the benefits of 3D printing.

  • Boost productivity and efficiency, propelling your business to a stronger competitive position.

  • With foundational work in place, elevate your operations to the next level. The Scaling Module is your roadmap to a broader, more efficient, and sustainable 3D printing utilization.

  • Aim to expedite progress, ensuring long-term, measurable success in your AM journey.

Interested in unlocking the transformative power of 3D printing for your business? Benefit from our complimentary initial consultation or request further details. Click here to get in touch with us!


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