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3D-gedruckter Aplikator



Do you recognise yourself? 
Then you've come to the right place!

Do you want to invest in additive manufacturing, minimise risks and set yourself apart from the competition? 
Do you need precise, practice-orientated advice that will give you a clear advantage over the competition?

Are you an expert in your field? What will help you achieve a further breakthrough is a sparring partner who can support you in the integration and application of the latest 3D printing technologies.

You are an innovator, technology pioneer or simply a company that wants to fully utilise the potential of additive manufacturing. However, your business operations often lack the time or specific expertise to efficiently integrate new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing.


We're Here to Empower Innovation & Understanding

person in protective clothing in a clean room, in the background 2 orange covers of dlp 3d printers

Our vision is to enable the industry to use 3D printing as a natural and effective part of their manufacturing processes. We are working towards a future where companies not only apply additive manufacturing but also understand and develop it independently.


DREIGEIST aspires to be a constant innovator and advisor, paving the way for a future-oriented approach to manufacturing.

Empowering Industries to Print the Future

Honest Enlightenment and Realistic Application of Additive Manufacturing

Our mission is to provide realistic and transparent guidance into the world of 3D printing through ongoing education and correcting misleading promises from manufacturers. We value honesty and transparency in our consulting to reveal the true benefits of the technology – whether it's for cost reduction, attracting skilled workers, maintaining competitiveness, or realizing unique product innovations.


DREIGEIST is committed to a realistic approach to additive manufacturing, moving away from exaggerated expectations towards practical, efficient applications.

Our Mission

person at a microscope

Honest, Transparent, Sustainable, Open

a group of people

Our Values

DREIGEIST stands for honesty and transparency – we speak plainly and advocate for responsible use of additive manufacturing.


Sustainability is more than just a trend for us – it guides us towards future-proof production methods.


Our openness to new ideas drives us to continually push the boundaries of what's possible and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Meet the Founders

Every company starts with a vision, and behind every vision are people who are willing to make it a reality. At DREIGEIST, these people are Mareike and Christopher König.

Since founding DREIGEIST in 2015, Mareike and Christopher have always focused on the full potential of additive manufacturing. With a combination of courage, dedication and expertise, they have transformed DREIGEIST from an idea to a pioneer in the 3D printing industry.



Mareike König, CEO of DREIGEIST

Mareike König serves as the strategic linchpin and organizational backbone of DREIGEIST. Her profound business acumen, fused with a fervent passion for sustainability, lays the groundwork for the company's pioneering endeavors. To Mareike, additive manufacturing transcends being merely a cutting-edge technology; she perceives 3D printing as an instrument for cultivating sustainable enterprises. This capability to facilitate decentralized, demand-responsive production positions 3D printing as a transformative force in reshaping our production and consumption habits, ultimately ushering in a greener, fairer global landscape. Mareike firmly believes in the potential of this sea change – provided we collectively champion and propel it forward.



Christopher König epitomizes a technical visionary and is an unparalleled problem solver. His illustrious tenure in the automotive realm, marked by his roles as a lead designer in Formula 1, his contributions at Le Mans, and his extensive design endeavors for Opel Motorsport, has cemented him as an authority in high-performance technologies and methodologies. Christopher's enthusiasm for the boundless potentials of 3D printing transitioned from the global racetracks right to the production arenas. Fuelled by a zeal for technical intricacies and a commitment to ushering 3D printing into mainstream production, he channels his vast expertise to craft groundbreaking products poised to reshape entire sectors. In his capacity as co-founder and technical director of DREIGEIST, Christopher consistently strives to redefine the horizons of additive manufacturing, translating DREIGEIST's vision into tangible reality.

Christopher König, CTO of DREIGEIST


Founded with Passion, Grown through Expertise

When we began our journey with DREIGEIST in 2015, we had a clear vision: to be leaders in the field of 3D printing.

Our beginnings as a classic engineering service provider, specializing in design, engineering, and prototyping, laid the foundation for our development. From the outset, we knew that 3D printing was more than just an innovative technology – it was a key to unlocking new dimensions in product development.

Our expertise and commitment quickly earned us a name in the 3D printing sector. As the demand for integrated solutions grew, we responded by expanding into distribution in 2017, in addition to development. We carefully selected manufacturers and materials that we could support and vouch for in terms of quality. Our portfolio rapidly expanded, ranging from 3D printers to bottle rollers.

VW bus in DREIGEIST paintwork
Brick building in old industrial park

However, growth brought its challenges. Increasingly, we found ourselves solving manufacturers' problems rather than helping our customers fully utilize the technology's potential. We observed a concerning trend in the 3D printing industry: manufacturers claiming their solutions were the only true ones. This one-sided communication often led to unrealistic expectations among end users.

We realized that the true value of 3D printing doesn't lie in the exaggeration of individual product promises, but in a realistic assessment of what different printers and technologies can achieve. The fascination with 3D printing is entirely justified – it's a revolutionary technology offering incredible possibilities. But it's crucial for customers to understand which 3D printer, from which price category and technology, is best suited for their specific needs and applications.

Our mission became clearer than ever: we no longer wanted to be part of a system that obscured the potentials of 3D printing through unclear communication. We made a radical decision to fully dedicate ourselves to enlightenment and honest consulting. We ended all exclusive contracts and embarked on a new path of independence and transparency.

Today, what we're really proud of is our role as independent consultants. We guide our clients through the intricate world of additive manufacturing, making sure the technology fits their specific needs. Years in the field have not only given us a vast network of contacts but also valuable partnerships. As independent consultants and development partners in the 3D printing industry, we're all about delivering the greatest value to our clients. Our commitment is to showcase the true potential of additive manufacturing in a clear and honest way, backed by well-informed decisions and deep technical expertise.

Christopher König, CTO DREIGEIST
DREIGEIST Logo black, yellow


"DREIGEIST" – or "Three Spirits" in English – is emblematic of the triad that steers our company's endeavors:

Discover - Develop and Deploy.

Each “D” represents an integral spirit driving our name and our commitment to clients in navigating the 3D printing landscape.


Embarking on the journey of additive manufacturing begins with discovery. This phase is foundational, as we help clients unearth the potentials and possibilities 3D printing technology offers.

Through comprehensive analysis and expert insight, we assist in identifying opportunities that align with your specific project goals and operational needs, providing a clear vision of what can be achieved.


The development phase is where ideas are brought to life. Through collaborative engagement, we work closely with you to develop bespoke solutions that meet your requirements.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we craft strategies and action plans that ensure the seamless integration of 3D printing into your workflows, optimizing processes for efficiency and effectiveness.


Deployment is the realization of your additive manufacturing vision. This final phase sees the implementation of the carefully developed plans, turning concepts into reality.

We provide steadfast support as you deploy your 3D printing solutions, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way to ensure success, sustainability, and scalability in your additive manufacturing endeavors.

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