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Customer Success Story: WORLDCOIN

Spherical housing and next to it the inside with electronic components


Process development for the production of a spherical, reflective and resilient housing for electronic components

    • Mechanical and thermal stability

    • Spherical shape with a diameter of 200 mm

    • High surface quality with a mirror finish

    • Absolute dimensional accuracy for integrating serial electronic components

    • A fine, non-warping surface

    • Material that is mechanically workable (machinable, grindable, polishable) prior to the PVD process

    • Rapid production

    • Low costs

    • Maximum component performance

    • Flexibility for design adjustments

    • Absolute dimensional accuracy

    • Stereolithography in HD configuration chosen for its fine layer resolution, minimizing unwanted "stair-stepping" effects on curved surfaces inherent to layer-based additive manufacturing

    • Requirement for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process: material must be mechanically and thermally resilient

    • Material must withstand smoothing process, remain stable under vacuum, and maintain its shape without outgassing at elevated temperatures

    • Low water absorption necessary for outdoor use

    • Somos® Taurus from Stratasys meets these requirements, developed specifically for stereolithography

One person holds a reflecting orb in his hands, the second person looks at the orb.
3 ball casings side by side, showing the 3 different stages of processing, all 3d printed

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